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Following on from our last Autumnal post we have been out and about on lots of Autumn adventures and leaf hunts. Last week in our Growing Talk groups Mikey shared all the different sorts of leaves he had found some had long stems, some had none. There were wet leaves , dry leaves, crunchy, scrunchy leaves, real leaves , tissue paper leaves and laminated leaves!

Big leaves , little leaves, orange and yellow leaves, just like in the book we shared “Leaf Man” – A fabulous book that inspires so much creativity and imagination.


The children brought in the things they had found and together we shared many new discoveries.

For our older pre school children it was the acorns, squirrles and conkers that caused the most chatter, new words for many . The children loved discovering the acorn , pulling it out of the “cup” or as we called it “his little hat”. Our little friend Sammy Squirrel was very popular especially when we collected all the acorns and pretended to eat them! We then talked about how he likes to hide all his nuts and we played a hiding game which was lots of fun!

NB- Not to be played with little ones who are still putting objects in their mouthes – for the younger children the acorns and conkers were put into empty water bottles and carefully sealed!

autumn in gtalk tin


Acorn squirrel

To help us listen to the sounds of the acorns and conkers falling and to enable us to use our new words we made up a new song which we sang with real conkers and acorns  –

“Acorns and Conkers”  to the tune of   “Hot Cross Buns” –

Acorns and conkers

Acorns and conkers

Can you hear them falling down

Acorns and conkers!

When Sammy squirrel hid all the acorns we had to sing Mikey’s song ! “Where oh where?”

“Where oh where , oh where are the acorns ?

Where oh where, oh where are the acorns?

Where oh where, oh where are the acorns?

Where have the acorns gone?

We borrowed some of these wonderful books from our local library- “Squirrels Busy Day” is a wonderful story about a little squirrel who is so busy collecting acorns and nuts he doesn’t have time to play with his friends 🙁Attachment-1 Attachment-1(2)


Many of the above experiences and words have been new to our children this season. Having discovered these new finds, explored them, sung about them and shared them in stories, they are now using them spontaneously.  In order to celebrate this and the words the different children are now using we created this handout. It is also a reminder of other expereinces and words we can continue to share.

For those of you who are Associate Members it can be downloaded for FREE on the members page.


Please share any  books or songs you are enjoying this Autumn




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