Pumpkin Play!

Pumpkin Play


Our Pumpkin Play started with a shopping experience!

Which pumpkin would we choose?

Which are pumpkins and which are not?



We love these Munchkin Pumpkins! A great word to try and say!

IMG_0824 IMG_0820

So many orange fruit and veg!  Try this great colour song where colours are talked about in a meaningful context!

“What is Orange?  Tune: Frere Jacques

What is Orange? What is Orange?

Pumpkins and Satsumas, Pumpkins and Satsumas

Scrummy, juicy oranges, scrumy , juicy oranges

Yum , Yum, Yum!

Yum, Yum, Yum!

2013-10-26 12.19.56-1 2013-10-26 15.37.07  1399480_10151733458861033_1118267042_o

We settled for a “Big, round, heavy one”  Helping to carry the pumpkin meant we really understood and could use the word “heavy” ! “It was really heavy!”


Our Growing Talk Pumpkin Song – Tune: I’m a Little Teapot

See the orange pumpkin, big and round

It’s very heavy and rolls on the ground

It was a little seed and then it grew

Bigger and bigger just for you!

Scooping out a pumpkin takes a long time and is a fabulously multi- sensory and mucky experience! The children were so focused , their attention and concentration to complete this task was incredible as was the awe and wonder when we lit the candle and looked at the finished , flickering product!

NB LED Candles are a safe alternative and still flicker light a candle.

a pumpkin play      B pumpkin playphoto 1(11)

We had fun trying to make eyes,  a nose and a mouth. Definitely worth investing in a pumpkin carving kit for next year!

We loved singing this rhyme !

“Eyes, nose, cheeky, cheeky chin 

Cheeky, cheeky, chin, nose , eyes

Eyes, nose, cheeky, cheeky, chin

Cheeky, cheeky, chin , nose, eyes”

But what other faces could we carve?

The children didn’t want a scary face, so we googled alternatives and chose the cat , the moon and stars 🙂

DSCF2116    Hey-Cat-–-Halloween-Pumpkin-Carving-Ideas     pumpkin_moon

We  have decided next year we will grow our own pumpkin!photo 1(10)

The interest in pumpkins has led to chat about other vegetables and the vegetables the children like and don’t like!   So many different vegetables to be found at any local supermarket it’s worth going out on another shopping trip just to look at the veggies!


If you don’t have your own garden or nursery garden perhaps you could visit an allotment or friendly  gardener?

We love this short story about a pumpkin who feels lonely because he is growing all alone and not like the other vegetables. Guess what special skill he has that he shares with all his veggie friends?!

This simple story inspired us to chat and play with other vegetables , naming them, discovering which were round , which could roll and which could not!

October Book Of The Month – Pumpkin Feels … – YouTube

Video for lonely pumpkin story you tube

How about using an orange as they did here @ www.intheplayroom.co.uk


We had a go with lots of fun & chatter , it doesn’t look very professional but we are not an arts & crafts blog !

photo 2(8)

We have enjoyed these books but would love to know if you have any favourites?

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

See below some other activities we have enjoyed

Roll a pumpkin game – We love this idea! ( A little like the Beetle Game)

Get the printable here: https://happyhomefairy.com/2011/10/24/roll-a-pumpkin-free-printable/


Spooky slime, bins and more.

READ it here: https://www.iheartartsncrafts.com/25-creative-and-fun-hallo…/

We hope you enjoy lots of playful pumpkin fun !


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