Where oh where is Peter Rabbit? Peter Rabbit inspired activities!


Following Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt activities the children continued to enjoy Hide & Seek Games with much chatter about rabbits including Peter Rabbit. Some of the children have received the Peter Rabbit book as their first Imagination Library Book.

We have shared the book , chatted about the Pater Rabbit  TV programme on CBeebies and followed their book inspired interests which have lead to some of the following activities

peter-rabbit classic


 Some of the children have rabbits as pets so we chatted about the food they like and where they live and whether they live in a hutch a cage or a burrow!



Where oh Where oh Where is Peter?

We played hunt for Peter and hid our toy rabbits around the house and garden

We sang our “Where is Mikey” song and changed the words to Peter!

photo 3(9)

We have started sowing seeds in the garden and all the children have been successfully growing cress in egg shells! More egg chatter!

The cress grows so quickly which has really engaged the children,  leading to lots of chatter about growing and planting seeds and the need to keep the birds away from the seeds outside.


cressmikey and cress

small world peter rabbit

photo 2(13)

This natuarlly lead to chat about Scarecrows, and the scarecrow in the Peter Rabbit Book made out of Peter’s clothes!

photo 1(11)

Many of the children know the song “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” but few knew what a scarecrow was.

We have now made our own scarecrows to put outside in the garden, we have been scarecrows and had fun singing the song enjoying the actions, particularly the jumping up!

We changed the words to include the children’s names

“When Thomas and Sophie were sleeping

and the cows had gone to bed………Up jumped the Scarecrow and this is what he said”Peter_Rabbit_Image_-_Preferred_Image

Then we talked about Peter eating too many of the carrots in Mr McGregor’s garden, he was very poorly, nearly as poorly as Humpty Dumpty had been !

Role Play the Doctors of course! And another opportunity to sing

“Miss Polly had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick”

But of course we then changed the words

“Thomes had a rabbit who was sick , sick sick

So we called for the Vet to come quick, quick, quick !!

Now the Doctors has been changed to a Vets!

Let us know any activities you have introduced as a result of sharing Peter Rabbit 🙂

poorly peter

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