Party Time at Tots on Tour with Mikey, Ben & Holly! Chatterbox Challenge 2016



With just a week to go to ….. we are now ready for the ICAN Chatterbox Challenge 2016. We have used our ICAN #Chatterbo12643034_10153952421038466_310326338483787460_nx Challenge pack to help us plan a fun family Party session suitable for our very young Chatterbox Baby and Toddlers 🙂 To register for your pack visit  www.chatterboxchallenge.org.uk

Any party is a great excuse to share simple, short party games,  sing some special songs and rhymes and of course party food!  If we keep the activities SHORT and interactive, they will be fun whilst enhancing our young children’s early listening and communication skills in an engaging way.

Download our TOP TIPS for Sharing Songs Together at



For our children who have started to enjoy dressing up they can join us in their Elf or Fairy accessories!

Mikey, our special Talking Partner will have his Party Hat and Wand ready to help us share some games!

Our Talking Tin will be full of a few Party Goodies to share – A Party Hat, a present, some party food (Pizza, cakes, currant buns and maybe some jelly) and of course a teapot 🙂

Mikey loves to bake, always a good time for Chatter so he may have prepared some cakes for us to enjoy together!photo(79)

Mikey loves Jelly!  “Jelly on The Plate” is one of our favourite action rhymes  and a  good opportunity to wibble and wobble!


Like our very young children,  Mikey has a short attention span, so with Mikey’s cakes we will sing a shortened version of just Three Currant Buns! See the full version at


We will change the words to suit our children

3 Currant buns on Mikey’s plate

Big and round with a cherry on the top

Along came Thomas to the party today

He chose a currant bun and took it away 🙂

Our big people love a Cup of tea so we may get active and sing “I’m a Little Teapot”

And our babies love a tickle and a giggle which goes well with this “Pizza Rhyme”

“Pizza, pizza


This little girl loves a tickle”


As all parents of toddlers will know they are busy people , they need to move and be active, so we will have a wiggle and jiggle, move and groove 🙂 A party is a great excuse to dance and move so either with our music makers or some lively music we will play a  “Stop-Go Musical Statue Type Party Game

When the music STOPS we will try and STOP ! This fun game helps our young ones to listen , to wait and understand words key words like STOP !

Another game we will play with Mikey is described in the Chatterbox pack ( page 11)  “Nanny Plum says” another great way to listen and hear new words  “Mikey says ….”

Mikey says “jump up and down”

Mikey says “stand still”

Mikey says “touch your toes”

Mikey says “have a cuddle”

Mikey says “It’s time to go home “:(

We hope you have lots of fun at your Elf and Fairy party whilst raising awareness for ICAN , the Charity that supports children with communication difficulties





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