Mikey’s Amazing Butterfly Story

Over beautiful caterpillar story has really kept everyone’s attention and interest!

Since our first post we have been watching the story of our tiny caterpillars unfold in front of us by growing our very own butterflies here at home 🙂

photo 2(1)


In just 5 days they grew this much !!!! We watched them wriggle and jiggle and climb to the top of the cup eating nothing but the food provided in the kit!

By Day 5 they were ready to turn into a chrysalis /chrysalides.

We went to the library to find some books about caterpillars and this amazing transformation. We  downloaded activities from Nature detectives

We watched as they shed their “exoskeleton” several times in front of our very eyes! All looking a bit gross but the children have loved it! We had to practice saying “Chrysalide, caterpillar and exoskeleton” and then we had fun singing and making up caterpillar rhymes which definitely helped us remember these tricky new words !

“There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf …wriggle, wriggle” ( Tune: She’ll be coming round the mountain)

The caterpillars attached themselves to the paper on the inside of the lid and very slowly turned into chyrsalides just as our instructions said they should. We  took them out of their tub and very carefully pinned the paper to the top of the Insect Lore, they wriggled a tiny bit which made us jump!

This next stage was less intersting and lasted about 6 days… but we waited and waited and each day we looked to see if anything had happened, would they really turn into butterflies? ……

photo 3(6)

We almost gave up until Thursday morning and there they were 5 butterflies sleeping peacefully!

Wings still tightly closed.

photo 4 (2)

Food was a must so the children went off to find foods the books said they may like and we made the nectar for them with water and sugar which we dropped onto the flowers.

photo 1(6)  FullSizeRender photo 3(3)

We watched them flutter and had to keep counting them 1,2,3,4,5 to check they were all still there.

Camourflage soon became a new word!

Their wings became strong, we let them sit near the window, then outside and then it was time to say Goodbye.



photo 3(4)

4 flew off and 1 stayed with us sitting on our hand long enough for us to watch him closely….

A magical moment  of awe and wonder and one I don’t think any of us will forget.

Goodbye, goodbye away you fly, our very special butterfly 🙂

photo 3(5)

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