I wish I had a little boat!


I wish, I wish…. all started after we shared a fabulous book Starlight Sailor by James Mayhew and Jackie Morris

 Barefoot Books –

The little boy in this book sails away in his paper boat on a journey to a dreamland full of curious

and magical creatures.

Over the last week, we have read it again and again and had wonderful conversations about pirates, mermaids and dragons!

The story does what only a book can do and really captured the children’s imagination.

We learnt how to make an origami paper boat just like the one in the book ( instructions are included within the book) but for more help pop along to the craftroom

With just a lid from a plastic box the children created an ocean and off they went on their own imaginative  journey!


 After playing for sometime the children became fascinated by the concepts of “floating and sinking”.

In just a small amount of water they were able to experiment and see that the leaves and flowers floated

but the stones didn’t.


We made more paper boats and took them to the water to see if they would float.

photo 3(5)

photo 2(9)

We chatted about the reflection of the clouds in the water and then watched our boats sail off down stream!

The paper boats soon became soggy and wet so after a few tears it was decided we needed to go home and make more new boats!!

The next boat designs became very creative using not just the the recycling boxes but also pea pods!

So much problem solving and creativity!


The new boats were tested out at home in the sink and in the bath to see if they would float or sink!



And the next day off went Sailor Mikey and his pirate friends!


Hours of play, problem solving, creativity, chat and much fun was had by us all and it all started with a book !

We have been back to the library and these are our latest finds, who knows where these books will take us 🙂

photo(6)photo 1(10)photo 4

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