Discovering “Autumn”


Scrunch, Crunch, Crackle !

What an amazing season for “Growing Talk”  Who can resist  jumping and kicking in the leaves ?  What else will your children notice when they are out and about? Will it be sticks and trees, the amazing colours, the leaves, discovering a Horse Chestnut tree and cracking open conkers, or finding tiny acorns underneath an ENORMOUS Oak tree.

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Into the Woods ...!

Where are the nearest trees to you?

In the park, on the side of the road or is there somewhere you can go on a woodland walk or an adventure into the forest?  Maybe you will go on a Bear Hunt!

Take a bag or box for your children to collect things that interest them, an egg box is great for tiny hands, can your children find something for each section?


 6 different leaves, 6 different coloured leaves, 6 different items?

A conker,  pine cone, acorn , twig, apple, berry, blackberry, red leaf, yellow leaf, orange leaf, green leaf…….

         Will they choose to collect leaves , will they select all one colour, or a mix?

Our little ones chose only the red leaves 🙂

We needed help with tree and leaf ID and found this ID sheet from naure detectives at the Woodland Trust an invaluable resource  www.woodlandtrust.org.uk



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The children sorted all the leaves into different piles; dry, crunchy leaves, wet, soggy leaves, leaves of different colours    (A fun and natural way to learn the difference between colours red, yellow, orange and green)

Then of course we had fun jumping, in them!

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             We had a competition to see who could throw them the highest, and then we watched them float and flutter as they fell back down !

    The children were really creative making pictures with leaves and leaf crowns – by sticking leaves onto a cardboard strip = Lots of fun with glue! 🙂

                              And of course we made up our own song to help us remember and practice all these new words!

             Autumn Leaves are Falling Down (Tune: London Bridge)

All the leaves are falling down,
Falling down, falling down,
All the leaves are falling down,
It must be Autumn.

 NB: Leave pauses to let your children fill in the gap with their choice of word

eg It must be ……( windy, blowy, Autumn)

All the leaves are turning red ( yellow, brown, orange)
turning red, turning red,
All the leaves are turning red,
It must be Autumn.

Hear the Conkers falling down,
Falling down,falling down,
Hear the conkers falling down,
It must be Autumn.

Conker fun! Conker collecting is an annual favourite at Mikey’s house, but it’s much more than just the traditional conker fights!

NB : Be careful if sharing conkers with very young children they must not be swallowed or eaten!

Conker counting  –Who collected the most?      Who can carry the most!

Conker number strings  – a natural abacus!

                       Conker caterpillars, worms and trains!  How many creative things can you find to do with conkers?

Make sure you have all the necessary tools at the ready and lots of string!

    Listen to the sound of conkers falling… onto the ground,     into different containers, into water.

          Make a shaker by filling plastic drink bottles with leaves, conkers or acorns .

Always seal the top securely with strong parcel tape

Then, when you have had lots of fun, hide the conkers and autumnal findings in the sandtray

so they can be rediscovered !


collage conkers


 Conkers are definitely not just for stringing! For more great ideas visit Woodland Trust – nature detectives
Check out their new #NatureDetectives weekly challenge! They have a brilliant autumn challenge for you this week – Kooky Conker Models!!
Get instructions here: https://ow.ly/SSRj1

Have fun  🙂 and please share in the comments section any activities you have enjoyed and as always any new words used!

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