Christmas Crackers, Christmas Chatter!

dscf5674Our Advent calendars are ready which means the festive season is here!  For many of our children this will be the first time they experience “Christmas”  an exciting time, but with so many new words and changes in routine it can also be a bewildering time. We will use this opportunity tohelp them  “Grow” their Chatter and vocabulary.

Think carefully about the the many multi sensory ways you can share these new words with the children so they are meaningful and easily understood. Then ensure the children have the opportunity to use them.

See the list below for some of the words that may be new to your children


Mikey plans to hide a new object in his Christmas box/bag/tin every day!

“What have I got in my tin today shall we see?”

Over the next few days all his objects will relate to the Christmas tree. We always have a small tree the children can decorate. Putting the baubles on the tree and taking them off again is lots of fun!!dscf3575

Silver, gold, red sparkling tinsel is a wonderful resource to explore and talk about

Create a  Chatter Basket with a carefully chosen selection of Christmas resourcesdscf5665

Watch and Listen carefully to hear which words the children use, and which are new

Name the objects as the children explore them

Help them understand and store the words by talking about the  special features

“It’s a bauble”

“A special Christmas decoration

“We can hang it on the tree”

“It’s a round bauble”

“A red bauble”

Collect together a basket of Christmas themed books. One of our favourites is Little Owl and the Star– A very simple nativity story where a little owl follows a sparkling star that takes him to the stable. dscf2392

But what is a stable, a camel , a donkey ,shepherds and Kings! Who is Baby Jesus?

A great excuse to play with the farm animals, baby dolls and  dressing up clothes. The children may enjoy dressing up as shepherds and kings and maybe Santa too! Do they have a sack for Santa?

What word will you use for the wonderful bearded man dressed in red?

What  do the children’s families call him?

Father Christmas, Santa, St Nicholas……

What simple Christmas songs and rhymes will you share?

Please share your favourites and have fun this Christmas Growing talk Together!1514952_742452639163854_1041179093206644160_n







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