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Where oh where is Peter Rabbit? Peter Rabbit inspired activities!

Following Easter Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt activities the children continued to enjoy Hide & Seek Games with much chatter about rabbits including Peter Rabbit. Some of the children have received the Peter Rabbit book as their first Imagination Library Book. We have shared the book , chatted about the Pater Rabbit  TV programme on Read More

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Chatterbox Challenge 2016 – An Elf and Fairy Party !

We have been keen supporters of ICAN and the Chatterbox challenge since 2004.  Having supported many families and children with speech and language difficulties over the last 30 years and having a daughter with complex speech and language difficulties who benefited greatly from her placement at an ICAN school, we are always keen to support Read More

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Discovering “Autumn”

         Scrunch, Crunch, Crackle ! What an amazing season for “Growing Talk”  Who can resist  jumping and kicking in the leaves ?  What else will your children notice when they are out and about? Will it be sticks and trees, the amazing colours, the leaves, discovering a Horse Chestnut tree and cracking open conkers, or Read More

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Wild and windy

Do your children get excited in the wind? Mikey is enjoying a wild and windy weekend. He’s seen the washing flap and blow off the line, pots have blown across the garden & his new windmills have been whizzing around. But for now he’s just watching from the window!!

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